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Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP) Has Been Redesigned To Place A Higher Priority On Photography On Users Homepages

With a new year ahead of us, Yelp Inc. (NYSE:YELP) seemingly has made a new year’s goal to redesign it’s homepage, with the primary focus of appealing to users interests. The company seems to have achieved this goal, with a completely new look for Yelp users.

However, the company did announce that design, would not be the only change, which would be coming out in updates throughout this year, with the company already detailing a few of the update changes, which will accompany the new design of the homepage.

How the redesign effectively entertains more Yelp users

In the statement, which detailed a few of the changes, which were recently made to the Yelp platform, in light of the new year, it was announced that the homepage, will now incorporate some of the top-ranked photographs on the Yelp database, supplied by the users of the platform.

The company also clarified that the search bar, would still be the main feature of the homepage, with the picture in the background, and the Yelp user who took the shot in question, will allegedly still get credit, straight from the home page of the platform.

In the same statement, Yelp stated, “Why? Yelp is all about high-quality, reliable, and useful content from members of our community so that you can really get to know your local business.”

However, the company also revealed that the changes made on the platform did not incur through a whim. Contradictory to this, it has been in the work line-up for months of planning, and brainstorming, in order to bring the best possible changes, and updates to the platform, to maximise user experience.

Other changes made on the Yelp platform

In addition to the design change, the company also noted that the homepage will incorporate various interesting content, by some of the top users on the company’s platform. These will include some of the most popular categories, businesses, and even fellow Yelp users.

Other changes made on the Yelp platform

Yelp stock closed on Monday at $41.53, after rising by $0.47 or 1.14%

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