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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Hits The Marker Again With Its Longest-Range Electric Car

The Model S 100 D, which is currently offering an EPA-rated range of 335 miles on a full charge, is the new battery option from Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA). This comes way long after the introduction of the company’s P100D battery back for the Model S and X. However, the 100D version is now available for both the Model S and X. This latest development elevates the EPA-rated range to being the longest-range consumer electric vehicle in the world.

The Model S 100D is currently listed at $98,300. The availability of a similar 100 kWh option for the Model X SUV is a clear indication that competition is quickly emerging in the electric car market.  Think of it this way, the P100D has an EPA estimated range of 315 miles. The new one 100D hits 335 miles and it is not known what else might just come out of the shadows.

Perhaps shorter-range electric vehicles a sensible choice

It seems like Tesla is not only looking at Model S’ range but it is also vigorously pushing for other makes of electric cars. However, a lot of frustrated environmentalists are also for the idea of embracing shorter-range electric vehicles. A range of between 100 and 300 miles is of more preference for many drives. Nonetheless, this remains one of the greatest tests for Tesla as it takes to observe the value of the range and the impact it has in the larger market.

Tesla’s expectations on its sale of electric vehicles

Seemingly, every automaker is seeking to owe a larger share of the speedily growing automotive market. Expectations are that Tesla’s new option will boost its sales forward. Apart from the significant price reduction, it will also increase the range on a single charge of its longest range option.

Tesla’s expectations on its sale of electric vehicles

It remains to be seen what else Tesla is up to given that it is ever on trail of new technology and products. In the meantime, Tesla’s stock closed at $244.73 witnessing an increase of 0.97 or 0.40%

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