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Russia Pro-Trump RT News Has Been Cut Off From The Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) and Facebook Social Media Platforms

It is no secret that there are suspicions towards the election of current President Donald Trump, with many believing that the ballads were only won, due to interference from Russian Intelligence. Although this may just be speculation, companies such as Twitter Inc. (NYSE:TWTR) are ensuring that Russia has no social legs to speak on.

An emphasis of this was illustrated the day before the president-elect Donald Trump, was to have his inauguration ceremony. However, not only Twitter was involved, both Twitter as well as another social media giant, Facebook, located and banned at least one entity, which had ties to a Russian official, Vladimir Putin Kremlin.

More details about how these social-media giants blocked off Russian pro-trump feeds

Allegedly, the first sign of anti-Russia was from Facebook, where RT, which is a Russian-funded news company, was blocked from posting content onto its profile page. Then, in addition to this, the same news company was cut the access of RT to its Twitter page, thanks to the Twitter analytical engine, Dataminr.

More details about how these social-media giants blocked off Russian pro-trump feeds

Although neither company has disclosed the exact reason behind the cutting off of RT from social media, it is clear to many, that it comes in light of the speculation circling around Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

This rumour, which also led to the ban of RT on both social media platforms, also includes the fact that RT is a known news provider, who often ranks articles, which are biased in the favour of Donald Trump, for unknown reasons.

The official reasons that the two social media giants suspended RT

Allegedly, according to those who are familiar with the matter, the initial reason behind the suspension of RT accounts over the platform, was due to disputes over the legal rights, to which RT had not to post the latest conference made by the former president Obama. However, this suspension was lifted 20-hours later.

In comparison, however, according to officials, who are responsible for this matter, Dataminr is a tool that the company integrates, in order to ensure minimal government spying and surveillance. However, prior to this, the company announced that it would not be sharing information gained from Dataminr with the U.S government, which in turn, led to the suspension of the RT account on the platform.

Twitter stock closed at $16.58 on Monday’s trading session, after witnessing a decline of $0.21 or 1.25%

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