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Alphabet Inc. (NASDAG:GOOGL) Google Search Advertisements Appear To Be Bias In Favour Towards Google

 is assuredly one of the largest search engines that currently exists, with thousands of advertisements being run through its systems daily. However, recent investigations into the companies search engine advertisements, appear to illustrate that the advertisements are positively biased to Google.

According to those, who investigated the matter, when searching for anything that may be related to Google products, such as ‘phones’, ‘speakers’, ‘watches’, and so forth. Google products appear in the top advertisement spots, almost nine-out-of-ten times.

Is Google Running Analytics To Unfairly Boost Its Advertisements

Although this may not seem significant, if the company is bolstering its own search engine, to rank its own advertisements higher than that of competitors, the company is essentially its own conflict of interest in an industry, which is worth $187 Billion.

Alphabet Inc

However, when questioned on the matter, a Google spokesman stated, “The platform has been consciously and carefully designed so as to not impact other advertisers.”

However, despite this, it still seems to be a sketchy concept, as Google is completely able to “pay” itself to market its own advertisements. However, if the rumours are true, the company does not have a fixed price, to which they have to be paying, meaning that they could be paying less, for better quality advertisements.

Scrutiny of the Google advertisements

This is not the first time that Google advertisements have faced the scrutiny of the general public, including the likes of the European Union Anti-Trust regulator. The EU anti-trust regulator accused Google of giving preference to their own products in advertisements, over that of competitors. Google, of course, adamantly denied these accusations.

However, this is not where the suspicions over Google preferences end. In addition to this, After the reports, relating to preferential advertisements, on behalf of Google, were released, which was December, 15. There appears to have been a decrease of Google related advertisements taking the top-spot, to a mere 20 percent.

Google stock quote closed on Monday at $828.17, after rising up by $3.80 or 0.46%

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