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AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) Has Partnered Up With Nielsen Holdings PLC For More Accurate TV Ratings Amongst Other Things

Not many people are aware of this, however, for eons, accurate TV-ratings, has not been a thing in modern society. However, with the new deal that was struck between AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Nielsen Holdings PLC, this is soon to be changed.

Allegedly, instead of the usual small group of households being monitored, in order to determine the average ratings of a program (which was not accurate for a broad scope of view), the companies will implement set-top box data in order to better understand consumers preferences, and provide honest ratings.

More details about the deal between AT&T and Nielsen

The deal itself forged between these two entities is a multi-year agreement, as per this agreement, Nielsen will aid with monitoring, and setting out gradual, but accurate rating standards, all of which, will remain anonymous.

More details about the deal between AT&T and Nielsen

For a more specific detail on how this will be achieved, Nielsen will be privy to a substantial collection of information, gathered from the viewing patterns of those who are subscribed to either DirectTV or U-Verse, and from here, the company can make use of analytics to determine, which shows are the top-rated, and which are far from it.

The benefits of such a deal for both consumers and entertainment providers

Almost every individual has watched a show and wondered how it has 5-stars, yet the first 5 minutes are horrid, and the rest is downhill. At the same time, from the media suppliers perspective, there is no definite way to illustrate which shows are doing well, which are doing poorly and so forth.

However, through this new initiative, not only will consumers be able to ensure that they select shows worth watching, proven by countless numbers of analytical representations, but media giants will also be able to better understand their channels.

Megan Clarken, who serves as President of the Nielsen Product Leadership, stated, “We continue to innovate and leverage all types of data in order to enhance our local and eventually national audience measurement solutions.”

AT&T stock closed at $41.00, on Thursday, after rising up by $0.20 or 0.49%

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