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Apple Inc’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) New Strides: The Introduction Of Three New Tablets Later In The Year

Apple is upping its game according to DigiTimes, which is a good supply chain trend monitor.  The initial rumor was that Apple was putting together a launch event of three new iPads this March. This may not have been from a reliable source but upstream supply chain sources have confirmed that indeed Apple is planning to release new tablets in the course of the year.  The three devices are in the models of 9.7-inch, a 10.5-inch, and a 12.9-inch.

For the first time in history, the Cupertino giant is introducing a 10-inch size iPad and even breaking the tradition further by with the 12.9-inch giant iPad Pro. Apparently, this may not even be shocking. Wait until the iPad Pro successor, another iPad Pro with a similar size hits the market.

Way into Apple’s new tablets

The three will not be produced at the same time. Sources indicate that the 9.7-inch iPad is likely to have its mass production in the first quarter while the other two follow suit in the second quarter. In terms of price, the smaller the screen the friendlier the cost and the opposite is true. However, for the most expensive one, installment payments will be allowed.  Apple is expecting to use the 9.7-inch model as its weapon to penetrate the education sector given its size and price tag. Nonetheless, even the other two are making sense, especially with their OS.

Apple wants consumers to embrace the 9.7-inch entry-level model

Given that 10.5-inch model and the 12.9-inch are designed to be tablets for the high-end sector, Apple’s appeal is that consumers would identify themselves with the 9.7-inch model. In any case, it is not as pricier.

Way into Apple’s new tablets

The two are also being positioned to be Apple’s flagship device of its iPad line. This somewhat explains that Apple is still raring to go with its hunger for innovation that has come out so rightfully. However, it is not clear what processor will be used to power the 9.7-inch iPad. In the meantime, Apple’s stock was trading at $119.78 a fall of $0.21 or 0.18%.

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