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New Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) App For School Children As Young As Seven Years

Despite the fact that official age limit for using various social sites the likes Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is 13 years, it may not be so if a report from a recent unfolding of events is anything to go by.  The creation of a new site by a former police chief says it all. Go Bubble, which is dubbed ‘Facebook for kids’ will allow children regardless of their age engage in online conversations and exchange of jokes and pictures with their school friends.

In what seemed like justification for having the site, the developer, former police sergeant and e-safety guru Henry Platten stated, “We need to accept that our kids love social media and will use it no matter what the age limit is, so my view is, don’t ban them, just provide them with a safe alternative that has all of the upsides but none of the down sides. Go Bubble is that safe alternative.”

But will Go Bubble put to an end the unwanted friend requests

We all receive hundreds of friend requests, which we choose to, accept or deny. We will also receive dubious content, inappropriate video, images and more often some potential cyber-bullying. However, Platten says that the new site will not experience such hence; every child will be able to take advantage and enjoy the social media. Speaking to parents, he says that they should not expect any negative effects because every post is moderated through the system’s safety features

But will Go Bubble put to an end the unwanted friend requests

Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins further states that it is in an effort to support the education work of those below 13years.

Significant features of Go Bubble

Like earlier mentioned there is moderation of what goes into the site which enables blocking of doubtful content. Unlike the Facebook page, kids can start to use it from as early s seven years and will not have to fight unnecessary friend requests.  The app version is available free to schools and many of them are already using it to help children collaborate on school projects. It is also a way of letting children learn new cultures. In the meantime, Facebooks stock closed at $127.92 witnessing an increase of $0.05 or 0.04%

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