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Civil Rights Groups Up In Arms Over Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) “Racially Biased Censorship”

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been on the receiving end from nearly 80 rights groups. The social network giant has been accused of   “racially biased censorship” which is somewhat making is policies ambiguous. Note that these are the same policies that are applied while addressing harassment and hate speech on the platform. A letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, which was also copied to Joel Kaplan, director of global policy outlined slammed the company whole expressing the advocacy groups’ impatience in having the matter settled.

Part of the letter read, “Activists in the Movement for Black Lives have routinely reported the takedown of images discussing racism and during protests, with the justification that it violates Facebook’s Community Standards. At the same time, harassment and threats directed at activists based on their race, religion, and sexual orientation is thriving on Facebook.”

Facebook Has Continued To Receive A Barrage Of Criticism Of Late

Apparently, this is not the first time that Facebook has to face sharp criticism in the recent months. A while back the company was censured over its administration of content that involved 1.8 billion users of the network. On the other hand, many activists have reported about harassment and threats by pages on Facebook. It is now becoming clear is either not able to curb the menace or it is simply just ignorant.

The groups feel betrayed because on several occasions Facebook’s senior executives have promised to take action but no modest solutions have been obtained so far.   However, they still feel that there is much more that can be done to have more transparency and ensure that Facebook users have the ability to engage without feeling intimidated.

Facebook Has Announced A Series Of Measures

All the above portrays Facebook as being ignorant. However, the company says it has outlined a series of measures the likes of partnering with third-party fact checkers. It has also hired a head of news partnerships. As time goes by, users will be engaged in an active role in reporting unlawful and offensive content.

Facebook Has Announced A Series Of Measures

In the meantime the coalition if looking forward to a meeting scheduled for early February that will help in digging deeper into the concerns and perhaps lay out better solutions. Meanwhile, Facebook’s stock closed at $127.92 witnessing an increase of $0.05 or 0.04%.

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