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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google Is Launching A Self-Driving Car Patent In Competition With Uber

There has been so much hype surrounding anything and everything to do with the self car driving technology, which every automaker seems to be embracing.  However, the technology has officially crossed the other side of the bridge to welcome Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google. The giant tech has published a patent application, which demonstrates how it is likely to deploy its autonomous taxis.

 Its ride-sharing network I expected to compete with Uber and Lyft. According to The Verge, the application outlines a memory system for self-driving cars, which will be able to store map information the likes of locations for picking up and dropping off passengers. Nonetheless, not all locations are accessible. Thus the Self-driving cars may not some of the places that a human driven vehicle can. On the other hand, some areas may also not have a speed limit that necessitates stopping and waiting to pick a passenger.

But Google technically already offers a ride-sharing service

Theoretically, it may sound like Google is new into the ride-sharing service. However, this may not necessarily be the case given the presence of its Waze Rider app. Nonetheless, this has a limitation to the Bay Area only hence the reason the tech firm is exploring other avenues.

But Google technically already offers a ride-sharing service

Apparently, there are a few point outs that may cause difficulties in stopping safely to receive or drop off a passenger. Google’s patent mentions the likes of an emergency service or the presence of a construction. However, even in this, the patent encourages autonomous cabs to keep a catalog of predetermined areas where they can conveniently meet their passengers.

The tech giants seems so determined to whisk away the competition

Every market has its strongholds and in this case, Google is meeting Uber and Lyft. But notably, it doesn’t sound wary of the competition even as the two continue to invest heavily in the technology. Surprisingly, Google gave $258 million investment to Uber in 2013, to test its self-driving vehicles in Arizona and Pittsburgh, Penn.

Nevertheless, it is not clear yet whether or not Google will implement the patent application into any of its products even as more companies eye the advancing technology. Meanwhile, Alphabets stock was trading at $829.02 an increase of $1.56 or 0.19%.

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