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Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) To Bring Google Plus To An End

The first major redesign, for the Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google + interface, occurred in 2015. However, despite the complete renovation of the user interface, Google still kept the old design readily available, for users who did not like change.

The way to get back to the ‘classic user interface’, was simply to click the link on the bottom left of the screen, which says, “Back to Classic Google+”. However, Google has finally decided that it is time for this feature to leave the room, and has announced a termination date of January, 24.

The reason why Google is getting rid of the classic

One thing can be sure, the company is making excessively sure that all Google+ users are well aware that the ‘classic’ version of the interface, will soon be unavailable. The company has announced it in banners across the screens of those who use the classic version interfaces, as well as various other locations.

The Google+ product manager, Danielle Buckley, stated, “With the latest round of updates, we believe the new Google+ is really your Google+. It has been designed around your suggestions, requests, and needs. Also, the events feature from the old Google+ will appear in the new version starting on January, 24.”

Other Changes that will be made to Google+

However, the change of the user interface, is not the only planned difference, that the new Google+ will be updated with. In addition to this, the blog post that Google posted also illustrated that the company will be adding a feature, which hides ‘poor quality’ comments by default.

Other Changes that will be made to Google+

There will also be a zoom functionality added to the platform, for photographs, found on the web. Lastly, one update, which was not yet disclosed is the new machine learning process that will be added to Google+ to aid users in the reduction of image sizes.

Google stock closed on Wednesday at $829.02, after witnessing an incline by $1.56 or 0.19%

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