AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) DirecTV Now Dogged By Numerous Complaints From Subscribers

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) DirectTV Now subscribers have been experiencing numerous problems with the service since they signed up. Some of the technical glitches they have been facing include incorrect billing, unreliable streaming and features have failed to work as promised.

So frustrated are some of the subscribers that they are seeking refunds. AT&T has however declined to give the money back. When subscribers contacted customer service representatives, some of them were informed that AT&T didn’t have a refund policy in place for the service.

Staying tuned

AT&T has acknowledged the issues and has reiterated that its DirecTV Now app was continuously undergoing improvements.

“While we understand we still have work to do, overall feedback on DirecTV Now has been very positive. We’re continuously updating the app to provide a better experience for customers,” AT&T said in a statement.

In the same statement, the telecoms giant said it could not offer refunds as the streaming service was a prepaid one and it was not possible to issue refunds for a partial month.

DirecTV Now was launched in November 2016 and gave subscribers access to over 100 cable television channels streamed over the internet at a promotional monthly fee of $35. The promotional offer has since then ended and the monthly fee for the offering of 100 channels has risen to $60. Some on-demand content and live feeds of the broadcasts are also included in the package. DirecTV Now subscribers can access the service via a set-top box, a desktop computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Waiting on the sidelines

As DirecTV Now subscribers expressed their frustrations online, rivals of the streaming service have been all too happy to suggest to the dissatisfied customers to try their alternative services. In his responses to tweets complaining about the service, the chief executive officer of DISH Network Corp (NASDAQ:DISH) Sling TV, Roger Lynch, has for instance been nudging DirecTV Now subscribers to consider trying his Sling offering. While there is still plenty of time for AT&T to rectify the service, rivals looking to grab dissatisfied customers should be a cause of concern for AT&T.

On Tuesday AT&T Inc rose by 0.38% to close the day at $41.11.

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