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Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google’s Assistant Has A New Feature: Payment Of Stuff Using Voice Commands

Google is enhancing its Google Assistant in a way that its users will be able to pay for things. According to an updated version of the Google App, its users will simply make use of their voices.  The new enhancement is one of the capabilities that will enable the assistant to cope against the likes of Alexa, which is also coming up very fast.

With the new integration, it is clear that Google assistant is quickly becoming more and more useful. Having being found through a string of code found in the beta Google App version 6.11.13, the new functionality is unique. However, the service may not be up yet given the appearance of the words, “you’ll soon be able to pay for things” under the Google Assistant options.

The assistant will allow specification of devices that can access payments

The new service is currently rolling out only to beta users even though it is said that the strings have existed from a few version before this one. However, the XDA Developers have outlined that there will be the need to specify a delivery address of whatever the user is paying for, the billing and shipping address. This brings online shopping into the picture and one can access payment alternatives to finish up on their transactions.

Nonetheless, even with its limited availability, the developer’s report further says that the feature is to some extent baked into the Google Assistant APK. Hence it could be on its way to users very soon perhaps after Google is through with flipping the switch to turn on and off.

Virtual assistants are finally becoming part of people’s lifestyles

The world is revolving very fast taking up new features of the technology that will enhance people’s lifestyles. This is exactly the same thing that virtual assistants seem to be doing. Surprisingly, Google has further plans; to expedite its efforts for the growth of its assistant into becoming a robust mediator of your day-to-day activities. In any case, it has already demonstrated its capabilities.  Meanwhile, Alphabet’s stock closed at $830.94 an increase of $1.41 or 0.17%.

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