Vintage milk now available on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)

At prices starting $45, it is now possible to buy vintage milk on, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN).

“A different brand of milk may be substituted if Tuscan is currently unavailable. If you only want Tuscan Whole please mention that on your order, but understand that it may delay shipment. The product will NOT be refrigerated. No refunds, no returns once product is sent,” wrote one of the sellers bearing the username ‘Yog Sothoth’ who is selling a gallon for $75 says.

California vintage

Another one of Yog Sothoth’s offering is a premium-priced option selling for $217. There is also another brand being referred to as Californian Vintage 2011 that is selling for $185.

The craze of selling vintage milk began about a decade ago. Then, there were only a few reviews but now they have grown to thousands. Some of the reviews claim, ironically, that the vintage milk is the freshest they have ever tasted in a long while.

Vintage milk is not the only weird item being sold on Amazon, though. In the history of the online retail giant, there have been sellers offering worms and insects for a couple of dollars. Recently a seller was also offering Goosh Pants. While they are currently out of stock, these were pants that had disgusting images of both solid and liquid waste on their front. It is understood that these sort of pants were popular during Halloween for anyone wanted to dress as an incontinent person. Another weird product, and disgusting as well, on sale online is a shower gel dispenser for a runny nose. While it could have served as a fetish for some, it still got some takers.

Nicolas cage pillow case

While not disgusting the face slimmer is another wacky product that does not solve the problem it claims to have a solution for. Designed to enhance looks, it only serves to make a bad situation worse. As buyers found out, it was not entirely useless as it gave users jaw cramps. Yet another weird product was a pillowcase emblazoned with the image of the Hollywood actor, Nicolas Cage. Other weird products have included an infant circumcision trainer, canned unicorn meat, and a caffeinated soap.

In Friday’s trading Amazon rose by 0.43% to close the day at $817.14 a share.

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