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Owners Of Jaguar F-Type Can Now Review Their GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO)-recorded Driving Performance

The Jaguar F-Type has entered record books as the first car in the world to have a system that allows live performance data to be overlaid onto a video that has been recorded using a GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) camera deployed in it. Currently available to the Jaguar F-Type models that came with the InControl Apps Suite, the feature will enable owners of the car to conduct an analysis of their driving. Presently, the app is only available for Apple devices.

Three-way connection

In order to record video, all that the Jaguar F-Type owners need to do is to ensure a GoPro camera is attached to the car. Data from the car can then be imported directly to the footage being recorded. With a smartphone connected to the GoPro camera over Wi-Fi while at the same time attached to the car using a USB cable, it becomes possible to sync the video footage and data perfectly.

The data that the system has recorded, named ReRun, can then be viewed alongside the footage that has been captured and it includes gear selection, braking force, steering wheel angle, g-force, throttle position and speed. Animated gauges are used in the display of this data. The system allows for drivers to either download the full video or sections of the video. An editing function is also available and drivers can also share the videos on social media using the ReRun app.

Restyling and added features

Other highlights before the 2018 Jaguar F-Type is unveiled in March 2017 includes the fact that the exterior has been updated.  The front bumper has been redesigned and LED headlights will become the standard. Jaguar’s infotainment system, Touch Pro, also promises to be faster than the standard system. Besides enhanced personalization, Touch Pro will offer a Spotify App with streaming now possible over a 4G internet connection. Other features of Touch Pro include an 8-inch screen, a hard drive with a storage size of 60 GB and a quad-core processor. A new model of the jaguar F-Type has also been introduced called the 400 Sport.

In Friday’s trading session, GoPro Inc closed the day at $9.27 having edged up by 1.31%.

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