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Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Executive Finally Reveals The Platform’s True Purpose

Following years of an identity crisis, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has finally discovered its true purpose. This was according to its Chief Marketing Officer, Leslie Berland when she spoke at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

In the past, the platform has variously been described as a time square, a town hall, a water cooler, a microphone besides many other things. Since joining the firm in the early months of 2016, Berland has been able to narrow down to the core purpose of Twitter together with her team.

What’s happening

“Twitter shows me what’s happening in the world. Twitter shows me what’s up. Twitter keeps me on the pulse. Twitter keeps me informed. This is why people love Twitter,” the chief marketing officer of Twitter explained.

According to Berland, a lot of people did not previously understand what the service was all about and many wrongly thought that it was a tool they could use to connect with relatives and friends. And currently, there is still a wrong perception that being on Twitter requires one to tweet.

After a journey of discovery and analysis, Berland and her team came to the conclusion that the answer to the question they had been asking should have been obvious – that the service served more as a news outlet than a social networking platform.

News and conversations

Consequently, the firm devised a new marketing and advertising campaign which saw more color added to the logo in a bid to reflect the vibrancy of what the service represented. The efforts have paid off and among news apps, Twitter now ranks first in the world.

The open-ended mission of Twitter has, however, come at a price as the service is always being positioned in the crosshairs of a myriad hot-button and sensitive issues. Twitter has also faced criticism over the rampant cyberbullying and harassment that occurs on the site. And while the service has acted towards resolving some of the issues, growth has been stagnant and right now stands at 317 million users a month. Its stock has also fallen and the company was at one point in 2016 rumored to be looking for a buyer.

In Wednesday’s trading, Twitter Inc fell by 0.40% to close the day at $17.30 a share.

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