Will Former Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Executives Help Deezer Crack America’s Ultra-Competitive Music Streaming Market?

Music-streaming service Deezer SA is in dire need of cracking the Asian market in an effort to gain differentiation from larger rivals. To match the competition from the likes of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple Music and for purposes of expansion, the Paris-based company has recruited former managers of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Spotify Ltd. Former global head of hardware partnerships at Spotify, Pascal de Mul and DaudAditirto who has been working on growth alliances at Facebook in Asia are expected to drive home Deezer’s strategy.

On top of its ambitions in America Deezer wants to keep up presence in France, which is its home country before simultaneously expanding to new territories the likes of Asia and South America.

But Deezer is jostling for position in a cutthroat market

Every market has its owners in terms of dominance and in this case, Spotify and Apple Inc. have characterized price competition and exclusive content deals. Thus the French company is tasked with the tall order of distinguishing itself from the active playlist. This can only be achieved through striking deals with big firms in powerful industries like telecommunications and better still hardware and automotive industries. However, given his experience, De Mul who was named chief partnership officer is likely to achieve this. In any case, he has been accomplished more serious deals with the likes of Ford and Volvo.

Deezer is jostling for position in a cutthroat market

But Golan Shaked, Deezer’s Chief Commercial Officer is optimistic of the company’s intentions. He says, “We’re very realistic. We don’t think we’re going to overtake Spotify or Apple. What we do think we will be able to do is dominate the market share of the lean-back experience.”

Deezer has a few numerical advantages that will help close the gap

The broadcast radio industry is not that badly damaged hence it is very active. On the other hand, an analyst at the Barrington Research Association cites that competition is not all about streaming services.

But above all this, Shaked says that Deezer has higher possibilities of achieving its goals. First and foremost it is currently operating in 180 countries, whereby the number surpasses any other streaming service on the market. In addition to this, the company’s catalog accommodates 43 million tracks and above all seven of the nine company’s executive leadership team has been part of Deezer for 12 months or less. All that put together means Deezer it’s the best shot of succeeding.

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